A refit of your HVAC

Ensuring climatic comfort

The comfort on a ship is related to numerous (emotional) elements. One of the most important is the climate. Heating, ventilation and cooling are indispensable on every contemporary ship. The labour productivity and mood of your crew are inextricably linked to this. You do not want employees with burning eyes, fatigue or headache. And you do not want loss of concentration or the spread of disease among your staff.

Therefore, a refit of your HVAC can play a key role. Our digital electronic control unit works with great precision. It accurately identifes the extent to which the total technical installations comply with requirements.

Our skilled staff is able to solve any disasters. We can ensure the climatic comfort for you by performing the following activities, among other things:

  • Replacement of (parts of) air conditioning units, such as:
    • ouvre dampers
    • filter frames
    • cuffs
    • filters
    • V-belts, pulleys, and bearings
  • Replacement and/or adjustment of air ducts
  • Replacement of cabin units
  • Overhaul of compressors
  • Replacement of refrigerants (R32)
  • Placement of airco (split) units

In short: when you think about your HVAC, you think of Piguillet Marine!