HPV system

Air ducts in perfect condition

_scheepvaart_hpv-system_-1There are not many places where air quality is as important as in the shipping industry. You know all about that. At Piguillet Marine we understand that qualitative focus better than anyone. Air ducts must be in perfect condition.

Innovative versus traditional

We specialise in the cleaning, disinfecting, inspecting and coating of air conditioning systems. This is possible thanks to the HPV system® we developed and patented in-house, a system ideally suited for the shipping industry.

It does not con ict with other maintenance processes, which makes our services exible. Piguillet Marine can even perform its services on manned ships at sea. Anywhere in the world. Of course the HPV system® is suitable for cleaning air ducts on the inside.

It has also proven to be highly effective for the cleaning of:

  • Ducts contaminated with particulate matter
  • Ducts containing asbestos
  • Internally-insulated ducts
  • Ducts contaminated with soot
  • Microbiologically contaminated ducts

The HPV system® works at underpressure combined with dried compressed air. This enables us to clean all types of air ducts internally, even if they are insulated internally. Old interior insulation can lose bres, which can have a negative impact on the air quality generated from a system. We can impregnate this interior insulation with Piguillet Fibre-Fix® immediately after cleaning. Piguillet Fibre-Fix® glues these loose bres and holds in the remaining insulation material. As a result, the insulation is strengthened and the acoustic and thermal qualities are retained.

Fire damage

_scheepvaart_hpv-system_-6The HPV system® is also frequently used to remove soot from air ducts after re damage. This application is preferred over brush machines. Whereas the HPV system® is very thorough and effcient in removing soot contamination under high pressure, a brush machine can brush the soot into the pores of a duct, leaving behind contamination and an unpleasant odour.