Galley grease duct cleaning

Cleaner air and reduced fire hazard

Where cooking is done, grease can accumulate in the ductwork faster than anywhere else. Grease accumulation is undesirable. The air quality can suffer but more importantly: grease can pose a fire hazard. Grease is highly ammable; high temperatures or flame can cause a fire in the ducts. This also applies for laundry ducts, where (remains of) textile lint create an increased risk of fire. In short, it is important to clean your laundry and Galley grease ducts on a regular basis.

Grease duct cleaning is a specialised area where Piguillet Marine can be of service. We are able to provide you with appropriate advice on cleaning and can perform this cleaning as well. After cleaning the ducts we provide you with a certificate of cleanliness so you can always show that a professional company worked on this duct.