Box coolers

As good as new after “the boxcooler treatment program”

Box coolersThat box coolers are very important on ships needs no explanation. They not only cool the engines and various other systems; they can also save time (and thus money). A ship whose box coolers are caked with mussels, barnacles, algae or other growth no longer functions at full capacity. Engines and other components are less well cooled, which in turn has a negative effect on cruising speed, among other things. A reconditioning of your cooling system is therefore an obvious choice. Here, too, Piguillet Marine is your partner that takes problems off your hands and interprets your needs. Through our Netherlands based company, we offer a revolutionary way of reconditioning your box coolers. Once the ship is dry and you have disassembled the box coolers, they can be delivered to Moordrecht, where they are cleaned. After cleaning and handling with CP Phenolics, the specs of your box coolers resemble those of a new box cooler; with the same coating used by most manufacturers. They regain their full cooling capacity and your box cooler can once again serve intensively for years.

That is not an empty promise but a solid guarantee.

Your box coolers are cleaned and treated according to a process developed in-house. After blast cleaning and application on the metal, the phenol coating is fused in a polymerisation oven. In a multi-layered system with an average thickness of 180 μm. The coating is diffusionresistant and forms a cross-linked network with a very high chemical resistance. The coating is also thermally conductive and electrically insulating. In addition, the flow has been improved. There are still several added advantages: lower maintenance costs, a more efficient system and a deferred maintenance cycle.

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