Quality always wins

It is the early 1990s. Ed Piguillet looks around the ship. He is not amused. Everywhere he turns he sees air conditioning ducts that have been removed from the ceiling, cleaned and screwed back on.

It is an expensive, time-consuming process. And a considerable nuisance on the ship, where a lot of other maintenance work is being done. Ed Piguillet shakes his head. Though his daily motto is “Quality always wins”, he is observing a process that has nothing to do with quality.

Rather than becoming disillusioned that day, he becomes motivated. Inspired even. To do better. There, on that ship, the first contours of his master plan are starting to take shape. That very same day, Ed Piguillet tells his sons about it. They too become inspired. So inspired that they quit their jobs. Before long the three of them start Piguillet & Zonen B.V.

Quality of services is projected in capital letters on their master plan. It marks the start of the HPV system®, ultimately developed and patented in-house. Created as a global solution for shipping: the sector where the roots of Piguillet & Zonen B.V. lie and in which the company is specialised. With a single starting point, in which the memory of father Piguillet – a household name in the shipping industry – is honoured. By delivering quality: from the HPV system® to a flexible approach that literally and figuratively knows no bounds.

As he taught us. As you can expect from us.